Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 8: Saturday August 1st, 2009

San Francisco to Las Vegas

We left our hotel bright and early and got on the road to Las Vegas. On the way there Vince got a call from Greg, a friend of ours from high school. Greg also played in my band in high school, the one that did a week-long tour of the Midwest in 2004. We learned one of our high school classmates would be transferring in a week or so to UC Berkeley for law school, so we had missed him by a week.

We got into sweltering hot Las Vegas around dinner time. We stayed at the Sahara Hotel and Casino. Everywhere was posters for the dazzling “Magic and Tigers of Rick Thomas.” After eating at the buffet in the hotel, we decided to make our way down the Las Vegas strip. Strip is an appropriate word, considering everywhere are men and a few women handing out cards for strippers you can call to your room. Similar to a promise from a pizza restaurant, they’ll be there in twenty minutes or less. So we called and arranged for a couple to come up around 9:30. Okay Mom, I’m just kidding!

Vince heard a man yell at the people handing out these cards:

Disgruntled man: “They’re just hookers!”
Man handing out cards: “Hey, don’t insult my boss!”

My legs and feet were still killing me and this walk certainly didn’t help. I didn’t make it all the way down the strip, but very close, and then made the grueling walk back, which took well over an hour just to walk back. But anyway, along the way we stopped at a few of the casinos and played some slots, before concluding the night at the casino in our hotel. We gambled at a few places. I don’t exactly remember which ones, but I think we stopped at Caesar’s Palace, the Palazzo, and a couple others. We each just gambled about $20 and came out of it losing about $15.

It was a fun time, but we both agreed one night in Vegas was enough. I think if I ever go back, I need to learn to play blackjack or other games, because all I was really able to do was slot machines.

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