Saturday, August 8, 2009

Before We Left…

Why’d we take this trip? Well, Vince and I had been throwing around ideas for a trip for awhile. Finally a few months ago we said, “Let’s go for it,” and started thinking about what we’d like to do. A trip to California seemed like a logical choice as we’re both huge fans of comedy and music, many of which comes from the area. And throw in my fear of flying (or fear of crashing, really) and the road trip was born.

We started brainstorming ideas and before long we had a trip figured out. Vince had been to San Francisco, but nowhere else in California, so there were many things neither of us had seen. Big thanks goes to Vince and all the planning he did. He did way more than me. Plus he spent a lot of time figuring out routes that might’ve taken us longer to drive, but offered breathtaking views. Whether our breath was taken by an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean or the fact we were this close to falling off a mountain, well, we’ll just have to figure that out later.

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